A communications system is not a one-size-fits-most option.

  Steadfast Associates, Inc. experts listen to your business  communications issues and translate that into technology to meet your  needs. We will work with you to develop the most efficient system for  your business, a system that is the right blend of functionality and  cost. 

 Steadfast Associates, Inc. is not a network of salesman selling one type  of phone system. Nor do we focus on a single telecommunications  carrier. We closely evalute the marketplace and listen to our customers  to select best-of-class partners.
Because we offer a variety of product lines, we can help you choose the  best solution for your company. It’s a matter of finding the most  affordable solution to provide the best overall value for your company.
Technology for your business is an investment. A new phone system is  typically a 10- to 15-year commitment. It's important to make the right  decision the first time. Because we have worked for many years with a  variety of vendors, we have a pretty good idea about which companies are  stable enough – particularly in this risky economy – for you to depend  on. And, we also know which companies give the best response when  problems arise. 

Free Consultation

 Your relationship with Steadfast Associates, Inc. begins with a free  initial consultation. The goal? To determine if your communications  technology needs are a good match for our services and offerings. We  start by listening to you to identify your needs and issues – and what  you’ve tried that have not worked. Beyond that, we dig deeper to  understand your company and how you like to do business. If Steadfast  Associates, Inc. is a good fit for you, we will: 

  • Identify the areas in which we can be of service
  •  Collect hard data
  •  Recommend a solution      
    •                  Hardware
    •                  Software
    •                  Ongoing service

A Variety of Service Options

You choose the level of involvement your company has with Steadfast  Associates, Inc. We offer various service plans, based on your  technology needs. Each plan is customized to consider the size of your  company, hardware and software 

needs, technical expertise on staff and  your budget.

Services On Demand

Maintenance Policy

Managed Services